August 20, 2016

Dear Students:

Welcome back to school! Freshmen,  I look forward to working with you  in your academic
development and individual growth.  English I concentrates on world and classical literature as well
as contemporary texts.  As a class, we will survey early oral traditions through modern texts, while
examining relationships between the past and present, and researching the diversity of the
American experience as it relates to us all.  We will reach new levels of sophistication in effective
argumentation and written communication.  During this process, all students will be required to
conduct research and create presentations and products while using technology.   

On this page, please find links that contain essential information to assist you with the
understanding of  course expectations and requirements for my classroom.  Please read over this
information carefully.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


Ms. Reyes
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