Vocabulary Chart
Vocabulary Word
Definition of Word (as it
will be used in sentence; do
not use the same word to
define the vocabulary word )
Part of Speech (POS):
Noun, adjective, adverb,
verb, preposition...?
Sentence using the Vocabulary Word (the sentence needs to show the word as
it was defined to the left; needs to be spelled correctly, showing that you understand
the word; needs to be the part of speech as used to the left). Use Punctuation Formula
sentences. Leave suficient space for the sentence. You should have ten sentences for
each side of the page.
someone who copies the
words or behavior of another
The student mimicked the teacher like an aper, so he got in trouble for being
disrespectful in class.
(100 Points)
Note: No part of the word will be checked without its other parts;
you must have the word written correctly, and the correct
definition pertaining to the part of speech used within the
complete sentence you chose to write.
Create a chart like this one on a
landscape (panoramic) paper.