The following questions will help you develop a visual about William Shakespeare:

1.  In what year was William Shakespeare born?
2.  Who were his parents?
3.  How many children did his parents have?
4.  What year was he christened?
5.  Whom did he marry? What year?
6.  How many children did he have?  Who was his first child?
7.  When was she christened?
8.  Who were the twins?
9.  When were they christened?
10.  When did Shakespeare die?
11.  When was the first folio published?
12.  What else can you write about Shakespeare?
13.  What are the lost years?  Why are they called as such?
14.  What happened in January 1593 to change his life as an actor?  Be specific.
15.  In 1594, Shakespeare joined the acting company of Lord Chamberlain's Men. Prior to this, name one other
company that he was involved with?
16.  When did Shakespeare become part owner of the Globe?
17.  Who did his daughters marry?
18.  Did he have any grandchildren?  If so, what were their names?
19.  When did his son die?
20.  Who were the relatives mentioned in his will?
21.  When Shakespeare was in London writing for the Globe, where were his wife and children?  Describe the trip that
he might have taken to visit them?
22. Locate Shakespeare's chief rival.  What happened to him?

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