Skeleton Poem



_______figures___________joy flutter____________

_____________thrill of silence__________________


_____brightness of ___________morning___________

__________noon___________over dusk____________

____________tall tree shadows____________________

______________broken waves touch the shore________


_________________the troubled seagulls in the dawn

__________________________fall_______________ .

________________________________sun in my eyes.

Careful words____________________verse_________

___________________line and ______________of clay.

_______open conversations of night ______________ .

The rhyme of the published poem_________________

My pen and page.

Your task is simply to fill in the blanks below, and turn the poem skeleton into a whole,
coherent poem.  Rewrite the poem of course by typing it and printing it out to turn in. Give it
a title, label it as "Skeleton Poem" somewhere inconspicuous. Don't forget to write your