The Scarlet Ibis
James Hurst
Disabilities Notes
Story Guided Notes
The Story
After Reading
NSIP People with Disabilities
Tier 3 Words you should know:

• clove
• scarlet
• flowers: magnolia, ironweeds,
phlox, five o’clocks, saw-tooth
fern, wild violets, honeysuckle,
yellow jasmine, snake flowers,
water lilies, wire grass, petunia,
• trees: bleeding tree, elm, gum
• birds: screech owl, scarlet ibis,
orioles, egrets
• caul
• palmetto fronds
• Marquette curtains
• doodlebug
• piazza
• brogans
• Dix Hill (see “Text Description’)
• dog-tongue
• cypresses
• stick frog
• oar
• Roman candle
• oyster-rock
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