Random Words

Step One
Randomly choose 15 entries from your dictionary. Just flip through the pages,
close your eyes, and put your finger down on the page. Copy down the word
that is closest to your finger. If your finger lands on a word that you don't
know, you can choose the word just above or just below it (or maybe it is time
to learn a new word). For the purposes of this assignment, count paired words
as a single entry (for instance, "melting pot" is listed as a single entry).

Step Two
Shape your list of dictionary entries into a poem, using at least ten of the
entries (you can, of course, use them all if you want). You can add articles,
helping and to be verbs, coordinating conjunctions, and prepositions.

Step Three
Use any poetical element: refrains, alliteration, metaphors; you have poetic