The Presentation

-Use Powerpoint, Prezi, Sway, or Google Slides (the last two preferred so that you can
share with your team members along the preparation)

-Share the last draft with me before presentation

-The first slide should have:

-Each student should have at least five (5) slides with the same font, the same style and
the same theme throughout from the introductory slide to the concluding slide.
    Ensure that your font is dark and contrasts with the background for high visibility.
    Be professional and only use academic language.

-Each student should have a minimum of three (3) quotes with deep analysis and
explanation, and elaboration for its appeal to the theme, as well as, association to the
rest of the novel.

-Each quote used should have chapter and page number

-Each presentation conclusion (one slide per team) should contain a
Sources or Works
Cited slide prepared in MLA format

-The presentation, therefore, should contain five slides per member plus two slides
(introduction and
  •                   Use your Media page to research sources
  •                   Use Knight Cite to format MLA correctly
  •                   Use the Rubric to check yourself
Topic in To Kill a Mockingbird

    Thematic Statement
    By  (names in alphabetic
    order last name, first)
First Slide: