Poetry Portfolio Rubric

Criteria                                                                                   Points to Earn
 Portfolio is turned in on time                                        10

Presentation:  Portfolio has a clean, durable binder that is free
of manufacturer’s  labels; it is easy to handle and will not fall apart.
It is the right size for the contents.

Pages are protected with either page protectors or corner/edgers
(scrap-booking sort) that are easy to handle is easy to view
(pages turn easily) Pages are typed, are clean                                   35

Organization: Portfolio has a cover page, a table of
contents and is organized with numbered pages, and each poetic
piece is preceded by its own reflection.                                               20

Contents: Portfolio contains all 35 artifacts  assigned following
the prescribed form. Each entry has a title and is identified.
Displays excellent control of language and design mechanics with
few to no errors. Thoughtfully relates learning to progress as
shown throughout portfolio presentation and reflection.                      35

Reflection: Each entry or artifact has a reflection that is insightful
showing  detailed inspiration  of student’s own thinking (use the
reflection sheet to guide you with this portion of the process) and
use of writing tools during the production process of each poem.       70

Poetry/Writing:  Student uses for the most part poetry devices
applying rhyme, metaphors, similes, alliteration and other elements.  
There is a theme for each poem and perhaps one overall theme
(s) for the portfolio. Also, there are very errors in mechanics,
usage, grammar, and spelling. Mistakes in conventions are minimal,
these do not impair the sense of the poem.                                       15

Total                                                                             200