Poetry Project #1
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Poetic Portfolio
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Poetry Portfolio

Portfolio Due:
Magnetic Poetry
Poetry Portfolio Rubric here

Poetry, as defined by William Cullen Bryant (1794-1878), is “the art of exciting the imagination and touching
the heart by selecting and arranging symbols and thoughts.”  It is writing from the heart, or perhaps, through
the soul.  In order to understand poetry, you will need to experience the process of writing poetry. Attempting
to write your own poetry, will give you the meaningful feedback that you will need to help you understand other
poets. The Poetry Project is assigned to assist you in this process.  

In this Poetry Portfolio you will demonstrate your progress in writing, creative writing, and written expression.  
You will include your own original poetry based on the provided samples and provide a half-a-page reflection
on EACH poem you write.  Although I do not expect you to gain worldwide acclaim with your poems, I do expect
that you attempt to write every poem demonstrated for you, and I expect your sincere efforts in this work.

Description of Portfolio
1.        The poems for your binder should be typed (using legible font) and printed onto paper that may have  
     borders  and/or original illustrations that are related to the poems.
2.        Place each page in a three-ring binder that will look presentable, neat and organized. Cover each
     page with a sheet protector. Appearance counts.
3.        Create a cover sheet for the binder. Take out all labels, prices, and extraneous stickers.
4.        Include a Table of Contents, and perhaps sections with dividers. You must then number the pages.

You may want to focus on a theme when you write all or some of these poems; for instance, “Poems to My
Love” (where all the poems are about the tutu you wear to practice ballet) or “Deeds of Dare” (all of your
intrepid actions for the sake of others). You may title the entire portfolio “Horrid Hours” or name parts and
sections: “Soul Searching-The Crying Part” and then the “Laughing Part.” You have license to write, and your
creativity gives you the right. This is poetry-your portfolio should look beautiful!  However, you  do not have to
spend money on your Poetry Portfolio, but please keep in mind that you will earn your grade for your own
original binder, and not because you went and spent the money for something very elaborate and fancy.  
Also, please know that I cannot accept a portfolio after the due date.  Please see
Portfolio Rubric.

I will be accepting first drafts of the poems to review before they are placed in your portfolio.  You will include
in your portfolio a minimum of a five-sentence reflection (see Reflection Piece Handout) to respond to one
sample of each of the poems from the following list:

You may click on the underlined selections above to find a description; otherwise, you may find them below.

Let us remember that...in the end we go to poetry for one reason, so that we might more fully inhabit our lives
and the world in which we live them, and that if we more fully inhabit these things, we might be less apt to
destroy both.
-Christian Wiman.
1.        “I Am” Poem
3.        A Revered poem  
5         Between the Lines
6.        Cinquain
7.        Circle Poem
Concrete (Shape)
Eco Poem
11.      Emotion Poem
12.      Five Senses Poem
13.        Formula Poem
14.        Found Poem
15.        Haiku
Imagist Poem
17.        Limerick
List Poem
19.        Metaphor
21.        Pantoum
22.        Preposition Poem
23.        RAP
Random Words
25.        Rondeau
26.        Rondo
27.        Sestina
28.        Shrinklet
Skeleton Poem
30.        Sonnet
31.        Tanka
32.        Terza Rima
33.        triolet
35.        The Words poem
3.          Reflective Essay
Poetry Resources:
Iambic Pentameter