The Scarlet Ibis

n., membrane enclosing a fetus or a newborn baby. The caul protects the fetus in the womb.
ca • reen vt., lurch from side to side, especially while moving rapidly. The roller coaster cars careened on
the wooden track, jostling and thrilling riders.
sul • len • ly adv., gloomily. Knowing that their game would be canceled, the baseball team stared sullenly
at the pouring rain.
im • mi • nent adj., likely to happen. Park rangers warned that an avalanche was imminent because of the
week’s heavy snowfall.
ir • i • des • cent adj., having shifting changes in color. The fish’s iridescent scales changed from green to
blue as it wriggled in the sunlit water.
vor • tex n., whirlpool or eddy. Leaves and twigs were sucked into the stream’s vortex.
in • fal • li • bil • i • ty n., correctness, incapacity for error. When they become teenagers, most children
challenge the idea of their parents’ infallibility.
re • it • er • ate vt., repeat. Could you please reiteratethe highlights of the president’s speech? I did not
hear it.
skiff n., small, open boat. The skiff can hold only two people without capsizing.
ev • a • nesce vi., disappear. After I had given a few speeches successfully, my fear of public speaking
her • e • sy n., rejection of a belief that is part of an established set of beliefs. The Catholic Church
accused Martin Luther of heresy because he broke with its teachings.