Eco Poem
Former Vice-President, Al Gore, in his book Earth in Balance, asks us to become stewards
of Earth.  Gore envisions schools kids everywhere becoming environmental protectors in a
global program called
Mission to Planet Earth.

Eco the format of one of the following poem with your own "Eco-message" on nature and
environment.  Use any of the patterns shown below.

Pattern 1:
Line 1- color, size, simile
Line 2-shape
Line 3-unusual description
Line 4-revealing what character

Brown, tall as a skyscraper
Half nude in wind
A tall man soaring
     -Cullen Blake, NY

Pattern 2:
Line 1-Where
Line 2-weather
Line 3- When
Lines 4 through 9-six observations (images)
Lines 10-11-what you do and your
relationship to your surroundings
Line 12-how you feel

As I Walk Through the Woods
A peaceful forest
On a cool and overcast day
At sunset
A bubbling brook
The lazy wind blowing