A Dialectical Journal
This is how your Writer's Notebook page should look:

(Novel Title)
     Text                       Me
The comments on the right side of the
page should be in response to the
quotation that you copied from the
textbook, which is included here in
your left-hand column. You will define
or explain the quote, you will reflect
upon it, analyze it in depth and
rationalize its contents in terms of the
novel and in terms of your life. SHOW
the essential questions for the course
when writing, so that your reflection
shows assimilation and internalization
of the text.I want to see that you are
reflecting upon what you read.
Divide your Writer's Notebook page in half, either by folding the page or drawing a line. Begin
a dialogue with your novel by having a written conversation.
Copy a quotation, fully or
partially, as long as this one
shows what you are trying
to expose. Use ellipsis
(three dots) to show that
the quotation is truncated
and you did not copy it
whole. Write the page
number where you found
the quote.
You can also just write a word
that stands out for you, or you
do not understand, and page
You could write a question and
the page number (There are
requirements for this
though-see the other notes.).
Also, here you will write: why you
noticed something in the text. What
you see or feel (senses). What
literary devices or elements you
Explain why you have a question or
what the word seems to do to the
story. Question why you have
questions or why you go off on
other thoughts while your read.
On the left-half of the page write
sentences that:
    -are about the section you are
    -a question you may have,
    -a word that you do not know
    - aportion of a sentence that
    shows important information
    (literary element, for example)
    -a quote that seems important to
    -or any other information that you
    think is relevant or revealing
    -include the page number
On the right-hand of the page
    -respond to the left
    -explain what you wrote on the left
    -answer any questions you wrote on the left
    -define any word you wrote on the left
    -add more information to the text that you copied
    on the left

    The right is to write what you feel and think
    about from the text, and answer any questions
    you had from what you read.  You are to
    respond to what you have written  on the left and
    have a dialogue with it.