Below are a few concerns, please read carefully.  If you have questions email me at
  • One-time Waiver: If you send in an assignment by 4:00 pm on the due date to my
    email, I will not take points off. Again, you are entitled to this
    only one time. It is essential that you learn to meet deadlines accordingly.
  • If you are to send an attachment of a typed work, then you must SAVE it in Word
    or pdf, so that if it does not print, you may then be able to print it from school.
    However, make every attempt to print it on your own.

  • If you embed the document to your email, it will be illegible when I receive it (I
    need to see the MLA format). Make sure that you save the document as Word or
    pdf. Then browse for the document within your computer's files and attach to the
    email before you send.  Make sure you have the paperclip or thumbtack on your
    email prior to sending it to me.  
  • If you have a different situation, talk to me. I may allow you to send in the
    assignment by midnight, but this is on an individual needs basis.
  • All students on 504, IEP, ESOL, are allowed some extra time on a case-by-case
    basis. That is depending on the assignment. I ALWAYS give two days for every
    assignment, and depending on the work, I give up to a week. Therefore, I am
    already accommodating EVERYONE, but I am still here for you.
  • Ten points will be taken off the grade for every late day and/or errors that may
    cause to delay the schedule. Remember, it is for your learning that I assign work,
    you must follow the instructions according to these established parameters for
    this class.

  • Lastly, MLA format means:
                 -double-spaced at all times
                 -heading with full name, period, and date on the left-hand side
                 -numbered pages
                 -margins on left and right, top and bottom on all pages
                 -always use 12-sized font and Times New Roman
     See an example here:  
MLA Paper Sample

One final note-Dress code is part of the School Board's policy and it is included in the
Code of Conduct. Ladies and gentlemen, please do not wear hanging pants, too short
shorts, or spaghetti blouses that are too revealing.  Your clothes do matter and create
an image of you. I expect to follow this policy within my classroom and will have no
qualms in sending you to the office if your attire is not appropriate for the classroom
environment. Respect my rules, respect your peers, respect yourself.

This is your final warning. This is high school preparing you for future endeavors.