If You Are Absent
Things happen and sometimes you must take time off to attend an important event, whether it is a
doctor's appointment, a family emergency, or you are sick. If so, no worries, as long as you follow
procedures you will be fine. Follow the
Code of Student Conduct from Broward County School
Board and do the following:

1. Ask peers about the work that you missed. All students are required to know or write the agenda
and the objectives for each lesson in their notebooks every day. Therefore, you will certainly find
at least three reliable scholars who can inform you of the work that you missed. Be sure to copy
the agenda, the objectives, and the activity for the day that you missed as well. Use your smart
phone to take a picture of the notes, then copy the notes into your own notebook.

2. If you are unsuccessful getting the information from a peer, you can always see me
before or
after school.

3. During class or the change of periods is not the time to ask me about missing assignments.

4. According to school board policy, you have two days to make up work for full grade, provided
your absence was excused.

5. Always check the
Agenda on this page at night to keep current on pending assignments, or email
me at e
nglishone18@gmail.com to ask me a question.
Did I Miss Anything? by Tom Wayman