Vocabulary #3

1. Abominable (n.)detestable; unpleasant
2. amiable (n.):pleasant; good-natured
3. apothecary (n.): an early form of a pharmacist, apothecaries could also prescribe drugs.
4. assuaged (vb.): to assuage is to lessen or to calm. Therefore, if Jem's fears about being able to play
football were assuaged, it means that he no longer feared that he wouldn't be able to play the sport.
5. auspicious (adj.): favorable
6. contentious (n):tending to fight; quarrelsome
7. dispensation (n.): a release from an obligation or promise. In this case, by offering friendship to Walter
and promising that Scout won't fight with him, Jem dispenses her threat to fight with him more.
8. Expansive (n.):with a willingness to talk, share
9. fractious (adj.): mean or cross
10.indigenous (adj.): belonging to a particular region or country
11. malevolent (adj.): evil
12. Mortification (n.):is a feeling of shame or the loss of self-respect. If Scout had been able to explain
things to Miss Caroline, she could have prevented her teacher from losing self-respect or feeling
shameful later on.
13. persevere (v.): to carry on in spite of difficulties
14. piety (n): devotion to religious duties and practices
15. sojourn (n.): a brief visit
16. tranquility (n.): peacefulness; serenity
17. tyranny(n):a government in which a single person assumes absolute control
18. unsullied (adj.): something that is unsullied has been basically untouched or unused. The fact that
Atticus's edition of the Code of Alabama is unsullied would, in this case, indicate that he seldom consults
this book.
19. vexation (n.): To vex is to annoy, so a vexation is something that causes annoyance or problems.
20. Wallow (v.) indulge in something (usually an activity) with great enjoyment.
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